Art in the time of lockdown #4

Lockdown Lullaby


  • the main part is from a photograph that my husband took of me, picking out notes on our keyboard
  • I used various effects in Affinity Photo to achieve the blurred, almost other-worldly feel I was after
  • to achieve the image-within-image of the ‘window’ I worked with layers in Adobe Photoshop Elements


Interior with Woman at Piano, Vilhelm Hammershoi, 1901

Of all Danish painters Hammershøi was considered the master of the restricted and muted palette.
His compositions juxtapose subdued greys and off-whites with dark brown and sooty black, and always maintaining a soft, perhaps enthralling narrative.
The woman is alone, absorbed in an interior monologue, as if she has become a life stilled. This depiction of isolation was a prominent feature in Hammershøi’s interiors.

Lockdown Lullaby symbolises a life stilled by lockdown. An isolated woman playing soothing melodies, all the while overlooked by the transient light of the world beyond, a world of travel and beautiful spaciousness.

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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart. X