Art in the time of lockdown #10

Self-portrait: possibilities

This image is the first in the series to have been created without a particular ‘inspiration’ in mind. Once again my very patient husband was key – taking photographs of me without knowing exactly what was called for. The problem was that I was unable to explain. It was a case of “I’ll know it when I see it”; I was thinking on my feet, or just winging it. With the two photographs of me chosen I trawled through my own photos for the backdrop, eventually finding this one from a trip to Canterbury.

The surrealism of dual realities is one I’ve attempted before but never been able to realise. Within the setting of lockdown came the idea for an image of future freedom being created by an artist, the twist being that the artist is the painting and on the working canvas is a photographic future image.

While not the immediate inspiration for this, the incredible work of Rene Magritte was certainly pivotal in my divergent responses to surrealism.

René Magritte, 1898 – 1967, Belgian artist

This particular work is part of a series titled ‘The Human Condition’ in which the working canvas merges with the scene, creating a compelling and confounding composition.
In his 20s he embraced surrealism, developing a unique style that took the ordinary out of their familiar surroundings to construct new meanings in witty and thought-provoking ways.
A ‘signature’ of his was the black bowler hat that appeared in many of his works – and in unexpected places. My homage to Magritte is the hat I’m wearing in my ‘future reality’.

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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart.