Thank you to all my followers, new and not-so-new

Even in these uncertain times, when every aspect of our lives has evolved or been dramatically catapulted into a new norm unthinkable a year ago, bloggers and their followers are holding on. Grasping at straws – or holding on out of sheer bloody-mindedness – it doesn’t matter. What is important is that we can be a lifeline to strangers, and be nurtured by strangers in return.

Some days I struggle, just like millions of others around the globe. Some days I get by. And then there are times when I see the sun, and hear the birds, and smell the blossom. These things don’t pass.

One of my pleasures is to be creative. For those new to my site – I find designing jewellery especially therapeutic. The rainbow has become a symbol for so much in recent months, and recent years. It is a quintessential image of hope and resilience, of diversity and acceptance.

I decided I wanted to reach out, to make contact with people I shall never have the privilege to meet.
For this reason I created the rainbow bracelet. It has been on my desk for a week or two, and now I wish to offer it as a gift ‘From Me to You’ – to a reader who puts into a few words what the rainbow or spectrum means to them. It is 7.5″ / 18 cm (very approximate: each bead is 0.6mm and the metal tube bead is 4 cm) and is elasticated so has no clasp.

I embrace my autism and wear the colours of the spectrum in celebration.
I also wear the rainbow to celebrate LGBT pride (I apologise here as I know that diversity is much broader than this); and as a caucasian female I recognise that I am only a small part of the spectrum of world peoples.

If you would like to own the rainbow bracelet, or give it to a loved one, please send me your thoughts on what the rainbow / spectrum means to you. I shall post the recipient’s blog name at the Summer Solstice – Saturday 20 June.

Please like, share, and comment on my first ‘From Me To You’ giveaway post.
Thank you for reading.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart.