Summer Solstice 2020

In the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice is this evening, at 22:43 for those of us celebrating in the UK. It is significant astronomically as it marks the beginning of Summer, and the longest number of daylight hours in one day, when the Earth’s Arctic pole tilts toward the Sun. Although a precise time is measured for any given year, due to the elliptical nature of the Earth’s orbit the ‘June’ Solstice may occur between 20th and 22nd.
In the Southern Hemisphere the ‘June’ Solstice is their Winter Solstice, when the Arctic pole tilts away from the Sun.

Let Yourself Shine!

As Spring becomes Summer we have the opportunity to throw off our worn mantle and assume the power that we have kept stored within us.

For ancient societies like Celts and Druids, trees are central in marking the passage of the seasons. The pivotal Spring to Summer is no exception with the security and impenetrability of the Oak (think huge oak castle doors) giving way to the firey and wild Holly. There may be anger and a shadow of sadness as the year turns, but there is the chance to expel the tyranny of the old self and bring healing by releasing that anger and giving free rein to the wild child within. This way we are able to resolve the enmity between our wildness and our self-containment, and go forward to transformation.

The traditional story of Lugh was told at this time
It described his entry into his perfect self.
Lugh wanted to assume the place as the ruler at the Palace. In order to achieve this he had to prove himself worthy. He was blocked at every challenge because he was no better than an established occupant. There was already a better archer, a better scribe, a better musician, and so on.
He was running out of challenges, and out of time.
At his final throw of the die he asked ‘Is there a man who is skilled at all these things?’
The answer came back ‘No.’
Lugh entered the Palace and was given the Crown for he was superior to all persons in that place.
The message is that we don’t have to excel at everything; and we shouldn’t negate want we can do just because we can’t do everything.

To shine is our birthright

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