Fiery, Wild Days of Summer

Fiery times

For the Celts and Druids the Holly is associated with June; it holds the fire that lights the hot Summer days. The Ogham Alphabet is based on tree symbols and the word for holly, ‘tinne’, represents the letter ‘t’. It is said that our word tinder is derived from ‘tinne’. The wood of the holly tree burns exceptionally well, making for the intense heat necessary for forging metals into the tools to sustain life, like scythes and swords and knives.

Wild times

In order to fulfil our potential, to release stresses, and embrace the wild child within we allow ourselves to be ruled by the ‘wild man of the woods’, known as the ‘Green Man’. Garden plaques are often seen depicting the head of the Green Man, sometimes grotesque and grimacing, sometimes benevolent and smiling. He can be whatever we need him to be. He can be different things at different times.

I created my own ‘Green Man’ using smooth stones in a variety of colours and sizes. I glued the stones onto a block of rough wood, about 14″ x 12″.

The whole process took time and was very therapeutic. It necessitated my slowing down as the selection and placing of individual stones required consideration and deliberation.

I made this sketch of a Wise Soul some years ago, using a soft graphite pencil on cartridge paper.

It was done quickly as I wanted to catch the essence of a being rather than a laboured likeness.

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