Beachcomber: free to roam

Soft sand oozes through tightly curled toes
warm waves wash deliciously over settling feet;
surveying my horizons I am a beachcomber:

orange, magenta, ivory spheres
grown knobbed and spiked over the years;
momentary dream of tired tot
yelling their dream at parent hot,
who chucks what’s due into honesty pot;

translucent, tempting to touch
no longer deadly – well, not much;
once predator in its own great sphere
now a mere target, of jelly clear
for jabbing toe and driftwood spear;

bright coloured whirligigs
swinging round twirligigs
stand in buckets in vast array
buckets and spades for timeless play
plastic mementoes of glorious day;

these things I now see on the beach –
mundane acts that revive the soul
fill the spaces and make mind whole –
re-set to ‘normal’, now in reach.

I hope my words convey my optimism about stepping out into an old world, with new eyes. We have the chance to reappraise our world, our lives, our opportunities. I plan to grab mine with both hands.

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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay alert to possibilities.