Freedom comes at a price …

but not always for the ones taking it.

Once again it is the wrong people who get the fifteen minutes of fame.
Once again it is the wrong people who benefit from a situation that they don’t deserve.

In Britain lockdown is being eased. Well, more specifically, in England restrictions are being relaxed.
What happens?
The yobs and louts and morons run amok like wild animals released from the zoo. Although I think that analogy is rather detrimental to wild animals. They grabbed their new freedom and ran, probably pausing to pick up a few cans or bottles on the way. And I don’t mean litter-picking.

I would like to share photographs of the scenes in parks and on beaches that are hitting our headlines – hordes cheek by jowl – by they are copyright. Suffice it to say they are images of another Covid-19 spike in numbers just raring to go.

I’m not a kill-joy and I’m certainly not tee-total, but I feel that the behaviour demonstrated that this group had no care for anyone else, and that their route to total pleasure was alcohol-fuelled. They abused and fought with other groups, and attacked the police.

So who pays the price?

Usually it is those who just want to enjoy being outside with family and friends, those who have the right to a few hours in the sun after so long in lockdown. The very ones who were possibly harassed and upset by these idiots who thought they were so entitled to do just what they pleased.
Now it is very much on the cards that open spaces and leisure areas will have to be monitored, perhaps even face closure again.

Am I being too harsh? Please share your thoughts on the matter. What is happening where you live? Have you seen a change in behaviour? Are you happy with the rate of relaxation from lockdown?
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Thank you for reading.

Freedom matters. All lives matter. We are in this together.
Stay well. Stay safe.
Marilyn X