Food fun

Red-faced radish!

Here’s my latest food fun individual.
It may look like it, but this little radish is exactly as it rolled out of the bag.
Unfortunately, as cute as it looks it’s now in the crisper waiting to join my next salad.

I hope my little radish brings a smile. And, by the way, if you’ve never eaten one they add a mild peppery taste to a salad bowl as well as bringing in a dash of colour. Bright red on the outside and an almost translucent white inside. They’re crisp and fresh and don’t take much preparation.
Just don’t be put off if you get a cute little guy like this one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my midweek fun. Please like, share, and comment to pass on the smile.
Thank you for reading.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart – unless it’s your salad box your next to.