Lockdown easing: travels #3

Just over ten years ago my husband picked up a second-hand book on English Churches at our local country park. It had no dust jacket and all the photographs were black and white, but what a wealth of fascination it opened for us. Since then we have visited churches in cities, towns, and villages; we have stood in awe in buildings stretching from Saxon times to the twentieth century; and we have learned so much about history, architecture, and tradition.

We are both interested in photography and when we visit churches we each have our own way of capturing the heart and essence of the building. While my husband studies the overall grandeur and architecture of the building I seek out the human touches, how individuals interacted with the building, and made their own mark.

Churches in Kent, England 2013

Militant Protestants under Cromwell sought to eradicate the iconography that remained after the Reformation. Stained glass windows were smashed and hands and noses were hacked from statues. Later generations used found fragments of glass to reconstruct general images. Closer inspection reveals the variety of colour and pattern in the original windows.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a glimpse of what English churches have to offer. Perhaps it will whet your appetite to explore for yourself. Please like and share my post, and I’d love to hear if you have any favourite places to visit, or particular aspects of church architecture that fascinates you.
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Stay well. Stay safe. Keep exploring – and be alert to what’s around you.