Garden Walkabout

Despite being the middle of Summer, and despite there being a ‘heatwave’, we have had days of atrocious weather. Howling wind, thunderous rain; I have hardly been outside.
Today I went walkabout, camera in hand. The catalyst was seeing a pearly pale fungus in the lawn.

I decided to record what else was blossoming at the beginning of August.

Pieris leaves in red and green
Purple clematis twining around a shrub honeysuckle and a low holly bush
Vivid red montbretia stands out against a silver birch
Stately agapanthus is the glory of the garden
Shrub fuchsia – my absolute favourite “Mrs Popple”
This amazingly tall flowering plant arrived from a pack of wildflower seeds; I am still to find out what it is!
Hypericum, also known as St John’s Wort, forms a wonderfully abundant large shrub
Purple toadflax self seeds and needs no care; it is a beautiful statement plant

These are the glories of my garden at the moment. Some planted by me, some brought by birds carrying seeds. It is amazing to see such beauty after the storms of late.

I hope you have enjoyed my post; please like, share, and tell me your favourite plants at the moment.
Thank you for reading.

Stay well. Stay safe. Enjoy the flowers around you, wherever you are.