Peering above the Parapet

Peering above the parapet
not an awful lot to see
the little I see is awful
and nothing to do with me.

Fake news, the only tale in town –
cheats and lies and alibies
rough-shod rides, swift changing tides
negating the already down.

Turning back from the parapet
wrapped in awe of my own space
limitlessly intimate
manufactured natural place.

Physical isolation is hard; mental isolation can take it to a new level.
Sometimes we crave it; sometimes we scream out from the pain of it.
Never clean-cut, it carries a whole lot of baggage: from the past, things we’re dealing with now, stuff it thinks we might meet in the future.

The trick is to meet it head-on. Confront it. Beat it at its own game. It might become a slugfest, but be fearless and faithful to your own needs. Love yourself and your own isolation, on your own terms.

I hope you find inspiration in my words. Please like, share, and tell me your ideas for getting through.
Take care of yourself; keep well.
Thank you for reading.
Marilyn X