The Moon and Venus

Such glories in the Night Sky

This morning I was awake before sunrise – many of you will know all about that – especially when I add that I was gazing out of the bathroom window.

Just above the horizon, and to the South of the Moon, was such a bright spot of light in the sky that it had to be a planet. I took a few photos before heading back to bed to check out “Night Sky – North Wales”. I have mentioned previously that I keep a very basic camera on the window ledge in the bathroom because it is, most definitely, ‘a loo with a view’. As the window is not overlooked the glazing is clear and the curtains are rarely closed.

I found the most amazing website called Time and Date that gives out so much information about just about everything to do with global times and dates – and then a whole lot more including information about eclipses, planets, and the sun and moon. It’s seems to be aimed at everyone from inquisitive youngsters to knowledgable adults. Bonus!
I am pasting a sample of what I found this morning, with the website address. I am so impressed by the site that I want to share it with others. I hope I am not infringing copyright by doing so.

Having had ‘my’ planet identified I can confidently share the photographs I took at 05:59 today, in the knowledge that they were indeed of the Moon and Venus.

I hope you enjoy my images and are inspired to check out your night sky – and the Time and Date site, or something similar. Please like and share if you would, and let me know what you have seen in your night sky.
Thank you for reading.

Stay well. Stay safe. Keep looking around you and breathe in the beauty of our planet.
Marilyn X