National Poetry Day 2020

National Poetry Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of October. So, today’s the day.

The idea behind National Poetry Day is to celebrate poetry and to encourage the sharing, discovery, and enjoyment of this most sublime expression of the written and spoken word. It is an initiative of the charity Forward Arts Foundation that addresses educational, social, and artistic needs.
This year’s theme is “Vision”, within the wider concept of seeing the world ‘like a poet’.

My first poem is a sceptical look at our world where all is often just illusion:

Colour blinds

burnished bronze body, mind akimbo,
a boundless world framed in the perfect circlets
of gilt—edged polaroids.
Optical illusion.

Scarlet and white, sleek wheeled chariot,
mechanical hustler, proclaiming power;
light of the world – high-beamed.
Optical illusion.

Peroxide playmate with plastic ball,
female confirmed in upturned silicone breasts,
forget-me-not blue eyes.
Optical illusion.

cadmium sand, cobalt sea, golden sun,
colours of life sprayed skin thin.

My second poem explores the overlooked and unnoticed loneliness of the child unable to ‘fit in’ with playground rituals and gangs.

Playground Games

boy in the playground
hands by his side
searching round the playground
wondering if they’d lied

boy in the playground
staring side to side
seeing them across the field
guessing that they’d lied

boy in the playground
tears waiting to be cried
knowing they don’t want him
knowing that they’d lied

girl in the playground
sitting on a seat
keeping eyes averted
staring at her feet

girl in the playground
looking small and neat
feeling too unsure to play
tapping with her feet

girl in the playground
too shy their eyes to meet
not wanting to join in now
tears dropping at her feet

teacher in the playground
blows whistle – stops the fun
doesn’t notice boy or girl
whose play has not begun

children in the playground
don’t notice, do not pause
walk back into their classrooms
don’t see the hurt they’ve caused

Whether we see too much, or not enough, what we take in determines our take on events.
Be ever mindful that what you see, or think you’ve seen, is never the whole truth.

Have you experienced a misreading of a person or an event? Perhaps someone misjudged you or your needs? Perhaps you mistook a person’s needs because you attributed your own wants to them? So easily done, but often with devastating consequences.
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Thank you for reading.
Stay safe. Marilyn X