World Mental Health Day, – 2

The World Health Organisation recognises 10 October each year as World Mental Health Day.

As these difficult times become even more debilitating to our health, and to our mental health in particular, we need to take greater care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Continuing my task of posting stories and poems reflecting my experience of mental health issues, today’s poem was written about my struggle to come to terms with the negative way I saw myself. The first is titled ‘Good Riddance’ as I felt I’d reached the end of my ability to accept what I had become. I just wanted to be rid of that face of ‘me’.

Good Riddance

In my head,
in my bed,
at my place,
in my face,
at about now,
dirty cow,
let’s end it all,
shout ‘last call’.
Time gen’men, please.

Where are you when I need you? Oh, SHUT UP!!!

You cheated me
you told a lie
you gave me hope
now let me die
I need to feel
a pain so true
cut through the crap
that’s come from you.

I wrote this in the form of a tirade against myself. Against the way I’d let myself down, then lied about it by allowing me to take on more positive thoughts about the situation. The mind of the depressed person plays these tricks all the time: you’re no good – it’s not so bad – you can rise above this – you’re useless – you’re no good.


through frosted pane
my world distorts
concealing not revealing
a clouded self
of infinite facets

More lies from the inner self, and the facets of the frosted pane reflect the shattered confidence, and shattered perception that I could ever pass as ‘whole’.

Everyone is important. The most important person in your life is You. Cherish yourself.
Thank you for reading my words.
Marilyn X