Locking down on Lockdown

Guess what?

Lockdown has me beat. I am weary of reading about it. Exhausted by the hot air spouted by those leading the charge against it. Fatigued reading about the fatuous excuses of the rule-breakers in power. Dog-tired of the defiant rule-breakers and their ‘no-one can tell me what I can do’ attitude.
You probably get the picture. Very likely you’re feeling the same.

OK, I accept that we need to keep informed. It goes without saying that we have to listen to all sides. But there comes a point when we have to make our own minds up. What to do for ourselves, and what to do for the benefit of all. Mostly, what positive changes to make to our own lives to make our situation the best it can be.

My strategy is –

  • do not go out
  • if I want to go out, avoid other people
  • if I need to go out where there will be others, wear a mask
  • when I go out, wash hands frequently / use hand sanitiser

Reason behind choices
By wearing a mask I keep my germs to myself and, possibly, keep a barrier between myself and other people’s germs
By cleaning my hands frequently I get rid of bacteria as soon as possible after contact (coronavirus can remain on hard surfaces longer than previously thought)
By choosing not to do these things my actions (or inactions) could lead to others being affected / infected through no fault of their own.

So, how am I locking down?
As Summer fades into glorious Autumn, fiery golds and oranges replacing bright greens and reds, I too am changing the hues of my days. As I cannot go out, I shall make the most of being in. As my days indoors are getting longer, I shall fill them with new and interesting activities. How I shall get on is anyone’s guess, but I shall definitely be giving it my absolute best shot.

Over the past month I have been taking my first tentative steps with learning to play my new harp – watching, listening, practising. The process is helping with my patience, concentration, motivation.
And it is wonderful!

Toward the end of the ‘growing season’ I took the plunge and had a go on our new ride-on mower. I really enjoyed it and gained confidence in being able to something useful and practical in the garden alongside the more creative work that I do.

Next Monday I get back into study, after way too many years, with a Future Learn course, written by the OU and promoted by the Mental Health Foundation. I am organised and raring to go. It is pushing me forward to get back into reading, researching, and writing.
And it is stimulating!

Over the coming weeks I shall feed back on all my new pursuits. Some will need some spending on, most will be free. I shall take time to read some of my ‘to be read one day’ books, and catch up on more excellent Ted Talks.
What are your plans as the season changes? More time indoors? Or outside? New things to learn, or pursuits to perfect? The future is not rosy by any means unless we can make it so. Please share your ideas to inspire others.
Thank you for reading my thoughts and aspirations.
Marilyn X