Autumn Hues

It is mid-October. Over the three weeks since the garden embraced a new season it has been lashed by storm, chilled in zero temperatures, and wilted under a blazing sun. Yet whatever the weather threw at it, up came the plants again in all their radiance.
This afternoon I wandered outside to capture the glories of this beautiful Autumn day.

The changing colours of the foliage did not disappoint, and from ground-cover to hedges the garden bursts with golds, oranges, and reds:

In every flower bed there are plants still parading their Summer blooms.
Wildflowers still unfurling, bright berry fruits to tempt the birds, dried seed-heads ready to burst, and some feisty individuals sprouting buds for next year’s blooms.

I hope you enjoy my Taste of Autumn in North Wales. What do you look forward to as the seasons change? Perhaps you are finding it difficult to look forward to anything? Or just to look forward? Please share your thoughts of this challenging time, and whether seeking out the natural world is helping you to cope.
Thank you for reading my words.
Marilyn X