Favourite Music? It may just be your best therapy.

I have long felt that music can keep me balanced. At times of extreme mood – both low and high – I will turn to music. Or any sound that is personally soothing or uplifting.

Last year I met a troubled young man. He was troubled in the societal sense of being painfully awkward in company. But in the cognitive sense he was firing on all cylinders.

When I mentioned that I had a problem with noise he launched into a fascinating and relatable explanation of Ancient Egyptian Sound Therapy. I searched online and found an article which revealed more about the history and relevance of the theory.

Soothing sounds? For when I need to be calmed.
  • Edvard Grieg: Morning Mood, from Peer Gynt
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, read in Middle English
  • k. d. lang: Wash Me Clean, from the album Ingénue
  • Beethoven: Brandenburg Concertos (any Baroque music really!)
  • Beatles: Girl, Something, Come Together, Hey Jude
Manic music? When I need to move, or sing along.
  • Sweethearts of the Rodeo: Beautiful Lies
  • The Kinks: Lola, Dedicated Follower of Fashion
  • Johnny Cash: Boy named Sue
  • Reba McEntire: I won’t stand in line
  • Trisha Yearwood: I Wanna Go Too Far
  • Deana Carter: Did I Shave my Legs for This?
Needing an emotional lift?
  • k. d. lang: Hallelujah, at the Canadian Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony
  • Kim Carnes: Mistaken identity, Chain Letter
  • Pam Tillis: Better off Blue, Spilled Perfume
  • playing my lever harp: still in the very early stages of learning, but playing around and improvising is fantastic.
  • playing my Babel Drum, a stainless-steel tongue drum

What’s your go-to music when you need a lift? Or to let off steam? Perhaps you prefer silence in times of stress. Please share your tips on using – or not using – music.

Stay safe. Stay well.
Marilyn X