Art in the time of lockdown # 14


Being in lockdown brings into focus just what you have. For some, it’s what they don’t have. But that is their loss.

I decided to return to my Art in Lockdown theme – well, to be honest, I began this one months ago. I love and admire the work of Frida Kahlo, and just about every one of her pieces touches a nerve. I have so much around me that brings a smile, contentment, or calm that I thought I would celebrate just a few in my homage to Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo, What the Water Gave Me (1938) is as unsettling as the title suggests. The grey bath water gives her nothing but unease, emptiness, and reminders of her pain.
Will she sink or swim in the mire of memories?

Existing with chronic pain throughout her adult life, it was perhaps this iconic blend of realism and surrealism that harnessed her means of survival.

By contrast, I have so much to be thankful for.

Surrounded by countryside, a rainbow of flowers, tree bark of many hues; sculptures that have been gifted, others that have been created for me. My favourite steam engine passes by through the Summer months, pandemic permitting; sheep graze on the bluff behind my home.

My world is bright, varied, and abounds with PLEASURES. My verse is in celebration.

P urple fuchsia, skirt cerise
L ows of cattle drift on breeze
E we and lamb graze, down-cast eyed
A ir-borne buzzards soar and glide
S pectrum blending heart and mind
U ndulating, slate-hard breast
R iver reeds hide heron nest
E ngine whistle, white steam spewed
S weet buds blossom, multi-hued.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. What are your life’s celebrations? Perhaps you have a favourite artist who conjures images that you can relate to.
Stay safe. Keep well.
Marilyn X