Snowdrops Undaunted

Snowdrops are amazing

bowing and weaving, delicately cleaving
frost-hard earth, heralding year’s rebirth

silky smooth softest white
emerging drops of pure light
nestled in tree foot’s dark decay
renewing promise of warmer days

upright, proud, peerless stand
side by side, queens of the land
survivors all, back from the past
signals of shortening nights at last

in desolate places
now re-conquered spaces
these quiet achievers
make us believers:
nature’s return, our world renewed
hope for life beyond struggle and feud
each gently swaying delicate stalk
outwits mid-Winter’s cold assault
know the enemy, learn its name –
endurance is the wise one’s game

I hope you find promise in seeing the first flowers of the year emerge, against all odds. These delicate blooms display a resilience we can sometimes only dream of.
Stay safe. Enjoy the world around you, as much as you are able. I know that it is not always easy, and I feel thankful that I am one of the fortunate ones.
Marilyn X