Taking up the camera challenge

Challenge #5: Steps and Stairs

Thanks to HopsSkipsandJumps I learned about these regular photo challenges, and I felt the urge to climb aboard the photo fun.

My first offerings, as we’re still in Lockdown, are some ‘blasts from the past’:

Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England.

Statement piece external stairway

Imposing, Grade 1 listed Tudor Moot Hall stands on the corner of Market Cross Place, facing the sea. In late 2019 it underwent extensive refurbishment and now serves as the Aldeburgh Museum.

Limonos Monastery, Filia, Lesvos

Steps leading skyward
Steps going nowhere
Staircase to upper floor

Ancient and modern harmoniously blend, in this vibrant house of Greek religion.

Moel y Chi Farm, Gwynedd, Wales

Out of dark, into light

Inviting, foreboding – these rustic steps were too perfect not to capture.

St Mary of Charity, Faversham, Kent, England

Stone and Flint construction, these simple stone steps led to a most wondrous interior

Battle Abbey, Battle, East Sussex, England

Ornate balustrade on simple stone stairway, leading to a walkway around the Abbey

The steps and stairs that have intrigued me are those that display conspicuous wealth: are external to a building, or have decorative features that are excessive to their usefulness. At the other extreme are those that belie what is within the building. I guess I like contrasts, and objects that suggest an intriguing backstory.

The inspiration for the weekly challenges come from #challengeyourcamera on the wonderful http://buddhawalksintoawinebar.blog/ Blog Site.

I hope you have enjoyed my trawl through images from the past. Take a look at Dr B’s site – and join the fun. Take care.
Marilyn X