Challenge Your Camera #6 Colour Splash

Same destination, different path.

I have many excuses for my decision: I don’t have the App for my phone; if I had the App I wouldn’t be going outside in the cold to use it; I’m not going out because I’m one of the few who’s had side effects from the vaccine jab.
If you don’t know about the App, – check out Dr B’s Challenge at the link below. You won’t regret it. So, here we go with my offerings for Images with a splash of colour. I’ve used Photoshop Elements to achieve my pops of colour.

Blackpool Tower, Lancashire, England

Spreading love.

Conwy Harbour, County of Conwy, Wales

And a Ferrari. It was a Motor Meet in celebration of classic cars.

Main attraction.

River Dee, Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales

Right place, right time … we were crossing the bridge into the town and witnessed dinghies, one after another, racing the rapids.

Hang on. Nearly there.

Boston Lodge Works, Gwynedd, Wales

Had a tour of the Ffestiniog Railway Works at Boston Lodge as part of the Super Power weekend.

I am an individual.

St Thomas’ Church, Bradwell-Juxta-Mare, Essex, England

Lens flare and contra-jour is sometimes worth the risk.

Perfect circles.

Derwent Water, Cumbria, England

Autumn mists, calm waters. Perfect.

Toddler finds it all too inviting.
Canoeist wasn’t far behind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my answer to this week’s challenge. Check out Dr B’s site for other takes on the theme, at

Stay well. Stay safe. Keep looking. It is a truly wonderful world.
Marilyn X