Challenge Your Camera #8


I won’t say I’m the least sporty person I know, but I’m come pretty close. Poor balance, problems with proprioception – basically that means I don’t ‘know’ where my body is in spatial terms, and hyper-mobility means team games are out.
As for watching sport? Looking back, I’ve watched some ‘major’ events over the past decades, but nothing particular with any regularity.

My sporting calendar

My collection for this week’s challenge is of sports-type activities I’ve captured over the past few years. I thought creating a calendar of my ad hoc mix would give them some sort of cohesion.

January – Thorndon Woods, Essex, England

In keeping with the January theme I’ve used Photoshop Elements to create a reflective image as a play on Janus, the two-faced god who looked back to the old year and forward to the new. My two tobogganers are travelling forward together, sharing the experience.

February – a touch of irony

We lived on a typical estate, safe cul-de-sacs and green spaces making it perfect for families. Except that on the walls of every green space were ‘NO ball games’ signs. This is my take on the irony of the council directives. Children need to play and they will play with anything that comes to hand, given the chance. Using Photoshop Elements I scrunched the sign (photographed from one of the ‘green space’ walls) and gave it to the children in the image to use as a ball.

March – St Agnes Beach, Cornwall, England (2012)

St Agnes beach appeared to be a magnet for surfers. While we were there a whole squad of youngsters arrived with half a dozen coaches, to be put through their paces, learning about water safety and board technique before hitting the surf. Enthusiasm and fun on all sides.

April – St Brides Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales

The haven may be compact but there was no shortage of activity. Swimming, boarding, snorkelling, and even a dog taking to the waters on his master’s kayak. You couldn’t make it up.

May – Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk

An archery display was just one of the wonderful Tudor re-creation scenes when we visited Kentwell Hall for the May Day Celebrations. The Hall is a fine example of a moated manor house and there were different scenes being played out inside the panelled rooms, in the out-buildings and the gardens, and on the estate.

June – School Sports Day

Come the Summer Term, children across Britain looked forward to Sports Day with excitement or dread. At least for most of them, for most of the time, they could sit with their classmates cheering others on while the teachers were busy elsewhere.

July – River Murray, South Australia

Like many South Australians my niece and her husband owned a ‘shack’ by the River Murray where they kept a boat, water-skis, body-boards, and so on. It was quite a day, and despite being their Winter, the weather was glorious.

August – Manorbier, Pembrokeshire, Wales

A sheltered beach in a beautiful setting, overlooked by the remains of Manorbier Castle. Safe waters, good sands, with rockpools for exploring. Great for all generations.

September – Black Rock Sands, Gwynedd, Wales

Black Rock Sands is amazing – a wide, open beach with fine compact sands that offer lots of space for picnics, family games, and sandcastle construction. For safety reasons, there are restrictions in place for dogs on the beach. Back in the day, when it was permissible, my husband took a few early driving ‘lessons’ there. Vehicles still have access to the beach and there is a special area for motor boats and water bikes.

October – Rhossili Beach, Glamorgan, Wales

Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula was voted the best beach in UK in 2010, and since then has achieved accolades for being the best beach in Europe and was placed in the Top 10 beaches in the world. Well worth a visit if only to sit in the café overlooking the coastline and take in the view.

November – Fforest, Near Betws-y-Coed, Conwy County, Wales

The ‘Zip World’ site is a must for our granddaughters when they visit and I was able to capture one of them swinging through the trees on the Tree Hopper Adventure. There’s also the Fforest Coaster and Zip Safari, as well as gentler activities for younger and less active members of the party. Me? I need to check out the café and the restaurant and make sure everyone is fed and watered.

December – pandemic perambulations

Most of last year was spent confined to base, just walking around and around the garden for exercise, and here I am in all weathers, all Seasons, fashioned in Photoshop Elements. I’m not complaining. Far from it. We are fortunate to have somewhere to walk. And the views aren’t half bad.

Sport? Exercise? Getting physical? Call it what you will, it’s about having fun and boosting your wellbeing. And being mindful of and for others. Being a ‘good sport’, and giving others a ‘sporting chance’: attitude to others is way more important than the attitude for winning.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sporty images. If you’d like to check out more – and probably view collections that are a lot more hands-on than mine – head over to Dr B’s site for more details on Challenge Your Camera.
Stay well. Stay active.
Marilyn X