Week Three: my study journey

The Ups

Very productive week downloading and printing journal articles that appear to be ‘right on the money’ for my planned research question. Have decided not to go back too far, possibility from 2009, as my question was being asked in 2011, and still being asked in 2018. So many years, so little progress in changing attitudes. Most of that research pertains to the transition from Secondary to Tertiary, or on ‘young adults’. This dearth of references to the experience of ‘adults’, i.e. from 19 years onwards, underlines the need to be focussing on this group.

Have updated the XMind research timeline and now have eleven potential journal articles that could be useful in informing the output for my research question. With just under 3 weeks before the first TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) has to be submitted I feel fairly confident that I can refine my question and plan for my preferred output format.

The Downs

Have decided that a personal necessity is to monitor my screen-time. It appears that 45 minutes is just about the length of time I can last before my eyes get sore.

Wearing sunnies indoors. Are my eyes suffering generally? Must book appointment with optician. Phoned this morning, and nothing available for almost a month so they have added me to the ‘cancelled appointments’ list.

The Sideways

Found that the term ‘higher education’ is more relevant to my focus than ‘further education’. Must reword my question.

I hope my new study journey is inspiring some of you to take the plunge – either for the first time, or to get back in the water. Think about it. There are lots of free courses available online, on a range of subjects and interest areas. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the FutureLearn website. Doesn’t hurt to look. 🧐🤓🤔

Stay safe. Stay alert to new things.
Marilyn X