#11: Still Life

Still life is an accurate descriptor for this genre of image. But just because it is Still, doesn’t make it easy. Try capturing a group of youngsters – lambs, sparrows, puppies, children – on the move non-stop. Yet the best of the photos will probably be ‘cute’ if not the perfect picture you were seeking. Still Life? That ain’t so forgiving.

This is the challenge set this week by Dr B. And with trepidation here are my offerings.

From the archives:

Courgettes yellow – courgettes green.
Urchins of the sea.

Taking up the challenge with an ‘Homage to the Masters’:

not any of the above … but definitely from the school of Dutch Interiors

Want some fun without leaving home? You don’t even need a camera – well, as long as you have a phone / tablet / ipad with one. Join Dr B’s Challenge Your Camera #11 Still Life – or go to his site (A Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar) and check out some of the great photographers who have answered his call. Even if photography isn’t your thing, visit Dr B anyway – he’s a traveller, philosopher, and writes a mean blog on tasting, buying, and enjoying wine. What’s not to like?

Enjoy your day, your week, your possibilities. So much is waiting for us if we take the time to look, and when we look if we take the time to see.
Marilyn X