Vernal Equinox

20th March: Spring has sprung

An ancient version of why we have Spring!

three-headed Cerebos, cur at Hades’ gate,
wherein lies Demeter’s child, uncertain of her fate;
and nothing grew on land or sea
no grain or seed,
no herb or weed,
and tears fell for Persephone
as she was walled in wakeful tomb
by Hades in whom evil bloomed,
all on Earth prayed she be free
and in pity so did Zeus decree;
Demeter’s joy restored her power
and blesséd then each field and flower
fading memory of endless blight
blossoms opened to the light
leaves unfurling lime-green bright
Spring afresh was born that night;
But trickster Hades gave no sign
he didn’t mean to toe the line:
“She must return – now that’s our deal –
I’ve kept my side, I’ve pledged my seal;
when six month’s up, come rain or shine,
I’ll have her back” – and in Hell she’s mine.

I’ll post more tomorrow about other versions of the significance of Spring. For me they all have their merits. Hope you enjoy my version of the mythological story. Thank you for reading.
Marilyn X