#12 – Elemental

It is the final challenge set
and every aspect must be met.
A very fitting grand finale,

suggested by ‘Hop Skip Jump’ Marie
Which theme to take? What’ll be my muse?
Perhaps for fun all four I’ll choose.
Earth or Fire, Water or Air?
Watery elements I declare
do draw me most:
pool, stream, or coast.


Wild and Wonderful

Awesome and Affirming

Tempestuous and Tranquil

Energising and Enchanting

Relentless and Reflective

And so, after many enjoyable weeks of looking back at adventures forgotten, taking a new angle on the familiar, and getting a new focus as these past months of lockdown and isolation are re-framed in a post-pandemic context, I shall set my own challenges.
Thank you Dr B. I’ll catch up with your wine and philosophy posts, and start following others who have shared the #Challenge Your Camera.
Don’t forget to head over to Dr B’s link for the final challenge. https://buddhawalksintoawinebar.blog/2021/03/22/challenge-your-camera-12-elemental/

Pan your horizons. Zoom in on opportunities. Stay focused.
Seriously though, capture each moment that raises a smile, makes you stop and think, or causes your heart to sing. You don’t even need a camera.
Thank you for reading.
Marilyn, X