Everyone needs contrast

Posters that grab our attention rely on words and images, colour blocks and white space to maintain interest. An inviting space uses different textures or line, and warm or cool hues. Memorable holiday and leisure activities are packed (pun intended) with experiences in sharp contrast to our everyday life.

Apparently the human mind needs contrast in order to function efficiently and well. Think repetitive labour; think predictable experiences; think solitary confinement. They wear us down because, although this is not the sole reason, they remove hope of change.

Here’s a contrast smattering to shatter the constants

Take the rough and the smooth:

Round the square:

Abstract reality:

One change a day …

Change for contrast does not need to be challenging. Nor time or money dependent.
Just do something you enjoy – a food, a walk, a hobby – in a different way. Create a new food combo, change a route, try some improvisation.
And any change is not cumulative, unless you want it to be. Tomorrow’s return to the usual is tomorrow’s new contrast.

Be open to possibilities. Enjoy a new mind space.
Maz, X