Shine on, Harvest Moon

After two nights waiting for the cloud cover to clear I was able to capture the Harvest Moon 2021. The air was still, the temperature pleasant enough for spooning – very fitting for the popular song that was first performed in 1908 in the Ziegfeld Follies.

What makes the Harvest Moon special?

The timing: The official date for the Harvest moon is that it is the full moon appearing nearest to the Autumnal equinox. Although it mostly lights the night sky in September it can appear in October when it replaces the Hunter’s Moon, the full moon most associated with that month.

As the year progresses the Moon usually rises noticeably later each day, but the Harvest moon rises very near sunset for several nights in a row. This made it perfect for farmers and their labourers to gather the Summer-grown crops.
And this was why I was able to photograph it two days after the official date.

Like any full moon it rises from the horizon resulting in its appearance as large and orange – or at least with an orange glow.

The cloud cover soon returned and by the time I was back indoors the moon was no longer visible.

One month to go – and I’ll be waiting for the Hunter’s Moon.
Until then, keep looking up.
Maz, X