More travels; still Erddig

Despite the problems of unlocking after Lockdown the staff at Erddig were able to open up the servants quarters for the end of season. These areas were interesting enough to entice us to a return visit next year when more of the house will be open.

OK – not exactly the servants’ entrance. But the Virginia Creeper is stunning.
That wasn’t planted last year.
The view from the front of house. ‘Capability’ Brown has a lot to answer for.
The hub of the house on the ground floor.
Where the real work went on.
Stairs off the courtyard.
Don’t expect they went out here for a stroll, but photographs of the servants were taken under the clock.
Another testament to the hard work of the gardeners.
Beautiful window dressing.

It may be a window on another world, and I know some people approve neither the display of wealth nor what it stands for. But these homes also provided employment, a roof, and food for many who would have nothing otherwise. It was a different time, and thankfully we have moved on, but erasing the past also erases the lessons that must be learnt. They were not the good old days, but I suspect that today’s generation will be looked back on critically and perhaps, even, with a sense of shame.

Enjoy what you have, just because you have it. We are each unique and each experience is a one-off. The best we can do is to question without trying to justify. Marilyn, X