Countdown: 20 days to go

In the main year of lockdown I was pretty vocal on my blog: reflections, rants, thoughts on health issues, and some art history for good measure. To the mix I added photographs, surreal images, and personal takes on classic art works.

Lunch on the grass

Last year all went quiet in this corner of North West Wales. My time was completely taken over with study. From October 2020 to September 2021 I completed three post-grad courses on education and mental health/autism. And now my countdown is to the first submission date for my PhD research proposal. Over the past month I’ve spent more time outside working in the garden and on craftwork indoors. I have also used my time to read and listen to audio books – James Patterson and Terry Pratchett mostly with Thomas Harris, Robert Harris, and Jake Woodhouse for good measure.

Tomorrow The Open University is hosting a faculty Postgraduate Research Online Open Day and I am hopeful that this will help me to put my proposal to bed. Then it will be a long wait to find out whether I have any chance of being accepted. In the meantime I plan to get down to some serious R&R.

Do what you enjoy – enjoy what you do. That’s a good recipe for contentment.
Marilyn, X