For Autumn colour I think Virginia Creeper is hard to beat. The vibrant palette is all in one place, it is long-lasting, and appears to know instinctively where to grow for optimum effect. It was planted on the North side of the garage and is very content, spreading its roots and its runners so that it now cascades over the South side of a stone wall and clings to the rough West wall of the garage. The result of this is that the colours change over a longer period and the complete loss of leaf is never sudden due to sunlight intensity and prevailing wind direction being different from the North and the South.
Clever creeper.

Another reason why we do not need to tame nature. Nature gets on a lot better without us and sustains our lives without been asked and in ways we cannot even imagine. Enough said.
Enjoy our Earth, fight for its future. We are nothing without it.
Marilyn, X