Space Race Waste

At last. I am now able to say out loud what I’ve been banging on about (in private) for decades. All thanks to Prince William.

This Earth of ours has so much more potential to inspire us with its grandeur, awe, beauty, serenity, bounty than space can give us. More than this – space will still be there when we have sorted out our own mess on this planet; if we strive for space now (just because we can) there will be nothing left to gaze back on.

Who should be questioned?
Governments indulging in space exploration rather than exploring their country’s needs.
Billionaires who care more about flashing their money on grandiose schemes than using money on caring schemes.
Groups that hold themselves apart from the common good: polluters of life-giving water, air, and soil; plunderers of natural assets; traders in finite resources.
Individuals whose mobile and media demands sanctify an explosion of communication satellites – the very technology that will cause an implosion on Earth and leave nothing to communicate with and about.

Do we have any answers?
Individually, probably not enough to impact the grand-scale problems. Talk is cheap. Commitment takes perseverance. Action needs courage. What we can do is resist the chat, support positive thinkers and visionaries with the eye on this planet, and back those with the clout to right the wrongs right here and right now.

Take pleasure in what we have. We’ll miss it for sure, when it’s gone.
Marilyn, X