Beside Myself

Just for a heartbeat I consider your view –
look back at myself from the angle of you;
mind breaking free to make sense for one time,
takes a new slant on what’s me and what’s mine.
Not far away from another place
But very same day, in my own space.

For I see no reason, perhaps never will
Why I am this ‘me’ - and am this ‘me’ still.
Still damaged, still other,
still needing to smother
The feeling and thought that my nature has taught.
Despite medication
through led meditation
and forced relaxation;
a therapy whore
promising for sure
lifelong peace to secure,
Like a carcase of meat in a chemical cure.

Can I make my voice heard?
Just the thought’s quite absurd,
through your stereotype-casting, herd-following view?
Will a time ever be
when you like what you see?
And I smile and am thankful I’ve not yet become 'you'.