Just asking

I hesitate, but I need to ask …

So much is happening in the news that I find distressing, not because the events affect me but because the attitude fallout does. I have stated before that unfairness troubles me, situations with mismatched cause and effect. In particular two very different situations in recent and current news that affect persons both sides of ‘the pond’.

Situation one: A person has been awarded ‘diplomatic immunity’ and protected by their government and legal system for more than a year, despite being wanted for questioning on a charge of manslaughter through dangerous driving. A young person lost their life and the grieving parents have not been shown justice.
Situation two: A person has been summoned to answer a charge of sexual assault of a minor, age 17 years 7 months, twenty years after the alleged event. Despite “innocent until proven guilty” in law the person has been vilified in the media and stripped of honours.

I cannot comment on the facts, only knowing what the media force-feed us in order to turn the maximum profit, but it does seem that the charge of manslaughter – of taking a young life – is held less dear than whatever was taken in the second case.
Whichever way I look at it, I cannot square this circle.
I, along with too many other young women and men, have suffered abuse and rape. I, along with too many of those young persons, have spent years in and out of mental hospitals, racked with suicidal ideation and self-harm impulses. And I know I am not alone in experiencing further abuse in those hospitals, seen as easy targets and emotional wrecks.

Money speaks louder than life. Money is more than the difference between right and wrong. Money rarely fights for justice.
I accept that my words will polarise opinion, that I may be hanging myself out for condemnation. But I am interested in influencing people, not in winning friends. Sorry Mr Carnegie.