Taking a creative break

Importance of creativity

A major survival strategy for me is to be creative. It takes a variety of forms and is in a fairly constant state of flux. And, as oxymorons go, that’s one of the best.

I have used Serif Affinity Photos for a while now although I find it has a steeper learning curve than Adobe Photoshop, but that may be because I learned PS first. On Friday I had an email from Affinity that included ideas for their Designer program. I have loved the old minimalist railway posters from the 1920s and 30s and saw the potential for having a go myself. I decided to treat myself and then discovered I could sign up for a 10-day free trial. Rude not to.

I had a play around with a couple of photographs I’d taken, and here are the results:

Penmon lighthouse, Anglesey
Criccieth castle, Gwynedd

Like its sister program ‘Designer’ has a fairly steep learning curve but I have found it absorbing. If little else, it concentrates the mind wonderfully. And it’s about interpretation rather than faithful reproduction. That I find wonderfully appealing.