Creative design #2

Towering blocks

With eight days left of my Affinity Designer free trial I want to try out as many different design concepts as I can. Today I have used one of my art therapy paintings as a design base.

‘Towering Blocks’

depicting how the mechanical and structural landscape impacted my space, watching through bloodied hollow eyes; fire and smoke filling the sky, blocking the escape route

Stage 1:

  1. opened image of painting into ‘designer’ program
  2. opened a new blank layer on which to create drawn image
  3. used blocked shapes and colour fill to add tower blocks

Stage 2:

  1. added colour wash to create sky
  2. added colour wash with gradient filter to create road surface
  3. used trapezium and triangle shape tools to add pathway features
  4. used rectangle shape tool and gradient colour fill to create building at end of pathway
  5. used paint brush tool to add colour streamers to sky

Final stage:

  1. selected red lines in pathway and used bevel filter to create depth
  2. used segment shape tool to create windows
  3. used rectangle shape tool to add door to rear building
  4. used blur filter tool to alter shape and opacity of sky streamers

Final result is more optimistic: spacious and colourful, full of possibility and optimism, windows shining out with welcoming light.
If only to rework dark-day creations into visions of hope, I feel that today’s exercise has been fruitful.