Jargon Judgement

Day two of the DBT Skills Course. Back at home and I slept for 45 minutes this afternoon. That might not seem like a big deal but I very rarely sleep outside bedtime unless I’m ill. What is a big deal is that I’m functioning as opposed to last week when I went into shutdownContinue reading “Jargon Judgement”

Trust – is it worth the risk?

“Just let go,” the joker cried, “I’ll catch you.” or maybe not, I thought, my mind in conflict remembering unsaved falls, deceived acquaintances who heard the smooth words and believed. “I’ll give it back.” The small boy whined “Just one go.” but one is never only one – I’d seen when pleasure leads to brokenContinue reading “Trust – is it worth the risk?”

Does Blue Monday increase the blues?

Today I received lots of emails from companies I shop with.The subject matter were things like: ‘you don’t need to be blue’, ‘we can help stop you feeling blue’, you probably know the sort of nonsense I mean. I didn’t have a clue what it was about. Until I logged into the BBC News. ThereContinue reading “Does Blue Monday increase the blues?”

Find ‘chilling’ a challenge? ‘De-stressing’ too stressful? Check out these simple ideas.

Answers that could resolve your relaxation quest. Who? prefer the company of others? invite a friend round prefer your own company? set aside a private space, from a dedicated room to a comfy armchair I have been very fortunate to have a small spare room where I could chill. In my present home I haveContinue reading “Find ‘chilling’ a challenge? ‘De-stressing’ too stressful? Check out these simple ideas.”

Into the darkness early: just a clock change, or a deeper social problem?

The clocks have been reset to a timewarp that ushers out the daylight at 5 p.m. When I would normally still be in thinking mode the darkness outside the window is telling my brain to slow down and to relax into the comfort of the evening: to swap the paperwork for a good book, toContinue reading “Into the darkness early: just a clock change, or a deeper social problem?”