DBT skills course: continuing saga

For the uninitiated DBT stands for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. It was devised back in the 1990s specifically for the treatment of individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Even more specifically, it was aimed at young women who were considered impervious to other forms of treatment. The difficult ones. The ones only hardened professionals did notContinue reading “DBT skills course: continuing saga”

Do you see yourself as a Bottom-up Thinker?

Many people on the Autism Spectrum are bottom-up thinkers. It’s part of what makes us so different in the way we approach problems, make decisions, assimilate our world. Spoiler Alert! Bottom-up Thinking does not mean you’re autistic. That’s a chicken-and-egg situation where being an egg does not make you a chicken. How does bottom-up thinkingContinue reading “Do you see yourself as a Bottom-up Thinker?”

Feelings of dread. Not the same as feeling dreadful.

I love words. Thinking about meanings. Considering past meanings. But right now I just don’t care. I am stuck with terrible feelings of dread and it’s going on and on and on. Feelings of impending doom. Thoughts about imminent death. My mind can’t take much more. So I thought I’d write about it. Try toContinue reading “Feelings of dread. Not the same as feeling dreadful.”

Surviving a Literary Festival

I have been very quiet for a week now. For the last three years I have come to the Hay Literary and Arts Festival and it is always a roller-coaster week. The difference this year is that I know why. The reasons are the usual suspects: noise overload, people overload, changing routine, uncertainty over whatContinue reading “Surviving a Literary Festival”