Do you see yourself as a Bottom-up Thinker?

Many people on the Autism Spectrum are bottom-up thinkers. It’s part of what makes us so different in the way we approach problems, make decisions, assimilate our world. Spoiler Alert! Bottom-up Thinking does not mean you’re autistic. That’s a chicken-and-egg situation where being an egg does not make you a chicken. How does bottom-up thinkingContinue reading “Do you see yourself as a Bottom-up Thinker?”

Feelings of dread. Not the same as feeling dreadful.

I love words. Thinking about meanings. Considering past meanings. But right now I just don’t care. I am stuck with terrible feelings of dread and it’s going on and on and on. Feelings of impending doom. Thoughts about imminent death. My mind can’t take much more. So I thought I’d write about it. Try toContinue reading “Feelings of dread. Not the same as feeling dreadful.”

Surviving a Literary Festival

I have been very quiet for a week now. For the last three years I have come to the Hay Literary and Arts Festival and it is always a roller-coaster week. The difference this year is that I know why. The reasons are the usual suspects: noise overload, people overload, changing routine, uncertainty over whatContinue reading “Surviving a Literary Festival”

Experiencing Social Overload? Here’s some ideas on what can cause it and what can help.

What can bring it on? We have a lovely friend visiting for a few days. He’s a very quiet, gentle, understanding gent. A perfect guest. And we want to show him the delights of where we live as he’s never been here before. Absolutely no problem for my husband who’s 95% neuro-typical. But I’m wayContinue reading “Experiencing Social Overload? Here’s some ideas on what can cause it and what can help.”