Thank you for getting me through!

It seemed an age ago that I was struggling to get things done. Actually I couldn’t even get my head into gear enough to think about doing anything. Now I’m back and feeling so positive it’s scary. With the help of my readers who ‘Liked’ and ‘Commented on’ my recent blogs, a light was shone onto a way through my darkness.This encouraged me to embark on some jewellery design work, which led me to re-vamp my craft cupboard, which led me to ask some questions about my Folksy Shop on the Community Forum. I received lovely, positive comments and very useful advice and that resulted in my listing some more items for sale and doing some housekeeping on my shopfront. Full circle!I feel able to get back to some serious writing.✒And you helped make it happen.So, thank you. 💖

Today’s not getting any better…

but at least I know things will improve. Soon. Many people don’t have that luxury. I am humbled by that knowledge. My problem? I’ve been feeling unwell for a few days. Physical stuff. Until I can get to see the Surgery Practice Nurse I won’t know if it’s tonsillitis or not. In the meantime I’m able to drink loads, rest loads, take medication, and tap out this on the tablet, using one finger. That is no big deal. I’ve spent way too long being mentally unwell so I really do appreciate that it’s not a big deal. So to all you out there who are struggling, I send my thoughts to you. For strength, courage, energy, belief. And if you can accept it, then I send my love too.

Getting ear defenders: shutting out noise could help open up my world

Better day today. Even coped with the dental assistant who appeared to be able to create excessive noise from even the simplest of tasks. No bin, no drawer escaped being banged as it was closed. But I made it out with a clean bill of health. I’ve ordered ear defenders as the noise cancelling headphones I have do nothing to shut out the din that is my constant companion when I’m out. They’re OK for their purpose, shutting out extraneous noise when listening to music, but I need proper headphones designed for people with sensory issues. They should arrive tomorrow so a review may be in the offing soon. We’re off to the Hay Festival at the end of this month so they’ll be a boon around the site. I needed quite a lot of ‘time out’ last year – and the people there were fantastic – but it’s so much better to be able to soak in the whole

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