Gadget Review – Status Squares

Many of you are probably wondering – What are Status Squares? In short, they are the most simple, clear, and immediate way of letting those close to you know how you’re feeling. Simple – I just have to choose which of my eight squares I need to have on display Clear – the image is a stick-man figure with a very short description of present feeling; they are also in bright colours that adds a fun element to very serious communication aides Immediate – I keep them by my chair and it takes no more than a few seconds to change a square They are small so if I need to take them out with me they are quite unobtrusive. Approx size: 1.75″ / 4 cm My husband finds them extremely useful too as by checking on my current status square he gets a pretty good idea of how I’m feeling. That, by extension, gives him a clear indication of

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