Australia: two-sided coin or multi-faceted gem?

At the moment Australia is headlining in our news, and not for any ‘feel good’ reasons. Vast swathes of the country are being devastated by bush fires. Homes have been destroyed; natural habitats are being wiped out. People have died. Yet what do we know of this country, set alone in an azure Southern sea?Continue reading “Australia: two-sided coin or multi-faceted gem?”

Mountain walking. Why don’t the authorities make it easier?

Complaints by some holiday makers beggar belief I live in North Wales within the Snowdonia National Park named after Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales with an elevation of 3560 feet / 1,085 metres above sea level.To get to the top is definitely not a stroll in the park.No-one has said it was. AndContinue reading “Mountain walking. Why don’t the authorities make it easier?”

Travels 4: Autumn in North-East USA

On our journey home to England from visiting family and friends in Australia it was a no-brainer to travel via USA. The Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls were definitely on the ‘bucket list’. October in South Australia was already in the high temperatures of a Southern Hemisphere Spring; the Grand Canyon was noticeably cooler surprisingContinue reading “Travels 4: Autumn in North-East USA”

Uluru: to climb or not to climb? Should this ever have been an option?

Uluru – a monumental sandstone monolith – is the most majestic and magical natural wonder on the planet. I was fortunate to visit this iconic site in 2003 travelling through Australia’s Red Centre from Alice Springs. The weather was hot, the air dry and dusty. Finding some shade was the only comfortable option. But IContinue reading “Uluru: to climb or not to climb? Should this ever have been an option?”

Travels on the Ffestiniog Railway

A week into Autumn and we still hadn’t travelled on the Ffestiniog Railway. That really had to be rectified while the weather still held. So today was to be the day. And what a day it turned out. Warm, sunny, and still. Perfect. The train heads off from Porthmadog Station, a 30 minute drive fromContinue reading “Travels on the Ffestiniog Railway”

Travels 2: Rievaulx Abbey

This month Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire played host to the Light Installation, Museum of the Moon.Spectacular, magical, surreal: such words do not do it justice. I shall let a few of my images speak for it. From the Visitor Centre a one-way circuit was picked out with lights and candles, making the pathway safe andContinue reading “Travels 2: Rievaulx Abbey”