Girl at a Window: lockdown

visions of skyscrapers catching my glarecloud-smothered memories fading in airghost trails of people I once used to greetstaring through glass overlooking the street;walls are my universe, earth, sea, and skysprawling on tufted rug, this is my liewailing of sirens masking each cry;delicate treetops bow with a sighbees, birds, and butterflies swoop and flybuzzing, and chirping,Continue reading “Girl at a Window: lockdown”

Earth Day 2020

A Woodland Walk, in Spring Sounds of children greeted us, held back behind iron gates laughter carousing on the air, taunting, haunting. And I was back at school. And then the wood, suddenly cool opening up, spaciously, before us; stepping into silence into the perfect greens of leaves and the paling of blue bells, onceContinue reading “Earth Day 2020”

Marriage Lines: a celebration

Today my husband and I clocked up forty seven years of marriage. We’ve been together just sixteen weeks longer than that.Yes, that was fast going, and no, I wasn’t pregnant! To celebrate thirty three years together I wrote a poem – a bit of fun but based on the loose facts. I’d like to shareContinue reading “Marriage Lines: a celebration”

World Book Day 2020

Around 100 countries celebrate World Book Day and Thursday 5th March is World Book Day in the United Kingdom and Ireland; other countries celebrate on 23rd April. It was originally organised by UNESCO in 1995 to promote reading, as well as publishing and copyright, and has certainly stood the test of time. Booksellers hold promotionsContinue reading “World Book Day 2020”

Colours of Me: a poem

I have spent much time recently working on jewellery projects. It relaxes me and recharges flagging batteries. My latest design was a rainbow-hued bracelet that features an artist’s palette. I got thinking about myself and the colours that reflect who I am. Unique palette, colours of me, Passions in red – creativity; Deep pool visions,Continue reading “Colours of Me: a poem”

In Transit: a love poem

Alone this night airport near deserted, waiting, waiting the announcement to board. Bored? No. Mind still working. The tannoy pings – paging Awatarna – unknown name in an unknown voice underlines I am a foreigner here. Transitory hours killed in unknown shops with reassuring names; but I am misplaced, in transit between worlds that shapeContinue reading “In Transit: a love poem”