Getting through the Day

How to get through it? Any ideas?How do I face a day so full of fears? Write down my feelings? Put on a mask? Confronting the issues can be a hard task.If the mask slips, will I be understood?I’d explain things more clearly if only I could.So please be more patient, try not to forget,IfContinue reading “Getting through the Day”

Reconnect: a poem about self-harm

I’m so pissed off that nothing’s right I’m tired – and weary – I’ve no more fight. I’ll use a blade or a cigarette – Anything to let me RECONNECT. I’ll hurt no-one I’m no-one’s threat; Only I feel the pain and pay my own debt. Why are YOU angry? Why are YOU sad? It’sContinue reading “Reconnect: a poem about self-harm”

Triggers: a poem about sudden changes

What pulls the trigger, flicks the switch? Turns me into devil or witch? All that’s positive, all that’s good banished to hell and bathed in blood. Search for balance, search for worth, ways to banish the inner curse, seek the good of self before birth. Before rejection – before the pain before abuse and negativeContinue reading “Triggers: a poem about sudden changes”

I’m a person first: a poem about finding my identity

Born on a council estate, couldn’t relate, Not special, not wild – just council house child; Feeling awry, not knowing why. Migration across the world, senses unfurled, becoming a Pom – caught in maelstrom; Feeling awry, not knowing why. Learned language: the twang, idiom and slang, Then back to Britain – new script unwritten ForeignerContinue reading “I’m a person first: a poem about finding my identity”