Quarantine: a word hitting the headlines at the moment

Quarantine is not a word that we want to hear as it usually denotes a situation that is, albeit temporary, a medical emergency with an uncertain future. Widespread diseases that have given rise to decisions that quarantine is the only option have occurred throughout history. It is generally recognised as a given period of time whenContinue reading “Quarantine: a word hitting the headlines at the moment”

Sarah’s Stand: a story

The doorbell rang. Sarah emptied her glass and placed it by the opened Beaujolais and second wine glass. Her dress was the colour of wet slates, the colour of her mood she thought as she walked to the door.‘Come in, Stuart,’ she said, radiating a smile that never touched her eyes. Stuart stepped into theContinue reading “Sarah’s Stand: a story”

Ready for Valentine Day

St Valentine was a martyr, dying a martyr’s death. Other than that, the facts of the person (there’s also the possibility that the saint was a woman) are open to conjecture. there were lots of people named Valentine because, well, it was a very popular name for around six hundred years as ‘“Valentinus” signified beingContinue reading “Ready for Valentine Day”

Suburban Sunday

Eleanor tucked herself tightly into the corner of the sofa and flicked through the colour supplement, licking a fingertip between each turn – licking, flicking, licking, flicking. Jude filled the rest of the space, long limbs bent to fit, face and chest covered by the sports pages that rose and fell with his erratic breathing.Continue reading “Suburban Sunday”

Brexit and Ukrainegate: different sides of the same coin

Which coin and why? For a start, it has nothing to do with politics.As it’s a Wednesday post from me, this is all about Words and the coinage of new ones from old. Both ‘Ukrainegate’ and ‘Brexit’ are words recently fashioned to conceptualise headline-grabbing issues. Their similarity is a semantic one in that they areContinue reading “Brexit and Ukrainegate: different sides of the same coin”