Surviving Time : a short story

From the damp stone wall the oppressive timepiece hammered out the death throes of a spirit: tock, tock, tock. The man fought to disassociate from the callous beat that marched down time, leaning back into the sharp bench slats and forcing his hard fists against his ears. Anything to block the unrelenting beat. He thoughtContinue reading “Surviving Time : a short story”

Winter’s Sleep: a poem on grief

Winter’s Sleep About her fragile frame she wears her grief,a comforter of silent memoriesthat bind her to the past, the golden dayswhen love sang out from youthful beating heartsand she would vow from dusk to dewy dawnthe passion of her love eternally. But now that love – her love through time – has goneand allContinue reading “Winter’s Sleep: a poem on grief”

Christmas Diary: Day 10

3 January Really stumped today when ten drummers rocked up. Have contacted brass bands in neighbouring villages and they’re eager to hold auditions. Accommodation is the real problem. What is Rob thinking? That I live in a Tardis? He has reality issues.Mum knows everyone in the village. Some may be willing to put up aContinue reading “Christmas Diary: Day 10”