Winter silence: that would be so welcome

At this very busy time of year the difficulties that people with sensory problems have escalate beyond understanding. On every Asperger / Autism / Aspie Facebook group I belong to individuals are voicing the problems they experience at this time of Celebration. This is not a flash in the pan problem, nor a Noel Niggle,Continue reading “Winter silence: that would be so welcome”

Winter Comes: a poem on the Silvered Season

Winter comes, sharp-faced and bony-fingeredclawing an icy cover across a landbarren in hibernation; while we tight-lipped, close-buttonedhatted, scarved, and glovedspeak muffled mistsmingling silvered breath with the thickening air, while we pick our way on treacherous pathsor stride out, slicing the frosty silence,when the low slung sun blinds south bound driversand passengers turn their faces intoContinue reading “Winter Comes: a poem on the Silvered Season”