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Showcase for my thoughts, general and specific

I’m a bit of a rambler – and not of the exercise persuasion.
I love words, and thoughts, and ideas.
I’m also very principled, my husband used to consider me a tad too principled, but now we realise it’s highly likely to be one of my autistic traits.

My blogs that you’ll find here are reflections on my life, my health, and my thoughts on matters around me. The rants are about much the same things, but less generously expressed. Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. There’ll also be reviews on books, gizmos, and gadgets that I’ve found useful for my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I won’t put on here anything that I don’t own or use or have read. Promise. Otherwise it’s not a truthful review and that is absolutely pointless.

There will also be updates on what I’m discovering or doing to give something back to the environment – or just not taking anything away.


Mulling over News stories, commenting on health issues, and reflecting on social matters.


If I had a soapbox to hand this is where I’d pull it out and climb aboard.


My journey towards becoming more responsive to the needs of our planet.

Discrimination: under the skin

At its most basic discrimination is the positive or negative selective treatment of one group over another. The treatment may be unequal, unfair, or prejudicial; sometimes illegal. It is well on the way to being a ‘catch-all’ term for negative, perhaps toxic, attitudes particularly in situations of ableism, ageism, chauvinism, classism, heterosexism, racism, sexism; the…

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Make life surreal

Strictly speaking ‘surreal’ means something that is unreal or fantastic. The other side of ordinary.Surrealism in art or literature suggests a disorientating or dreamlike state.Whichever way you cut it, I like to explore the ordinary in terms of landscape or architecture and create an image that goes beyond the expected or usual. From my photographs…

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Lockdown easing: Travels #1

Cotswolds With a newly attained freedom comes responsibility. To keep ourselves safe and to be mindful of the safety of others. But I believe that it also comes with a responsibility to make our lives better than they were before lockdown.“If you keep doing what you’ve always done – you’ll keep getting what you’ve always…

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