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Showcase for my thoughts, general and specific

I’m a bit of a rambler – and not of the exercise persuasion.
I love words, and thoughts, and ideas.
I’m also very principled, my husband used to consider me a tad too principled, but now we realise it’s highly likely to be one of my autistic traits.

My blogs that you’ll find here are reflections on my life, my health, and my thoughts on matters around me. The rants are about much the same things, but less generously expressed. Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. There’ll also be reviews on books, gizmos, and gadgets that I’ve found useful for my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I won’t put on here anything that I don’t own or use or have read. Promise. Otherwise it’s not a truthful review and that is absolutely pointless.

There will also be updates on what I’m discovering or doing to give something back to the environment – or just not taking anything away.


Mulling over News stories, commenting on health issues, and reflecting on social matters.


If I had a soapbox to hand this is where I’d pull it out and climb aboard.


My journey towards becoming more responsive to the needs of our planet.

Three Ages of Woman

Gustav Klimt was an amazing artist. Controversial perhaps, but for colour, texture, and pattern his work is magisterial. There is an extravagance and playfulness about his work that is unique. His work “The Three Ages of Woman” inspired me to write a poem on the theme. Do you have a particular artist who inspires you?…

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Arrival of Autumn

I love Autumn. It is the quiet calm after the ebullience of Summer. The early mists have their own serene beauty; fiery colours nestle amidst earthy ochres and paling greens; tourist traffic noise gives way to the softer sounds of nature, of bleating sheep and birdsong. What is your favourite season? What sights and sounds…

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Soundtrack of the 60s

Born in 1950 I turned 13 in late Summer 1963, and the Sounds of the Sixties were the soundtrack of my teens. Musically it truly was a great time to be young. And we were ‘young’. Make-up was deemed unsuitable for school and clothes for the masses were generally unremarkable. Television was not in every…

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Time Machine: a short story

Through those last months with Matt I believed I would never again hear Westminster chimes with pleasure, reassuring sounds of my childhood seemed sullied forever. I had thought the Personal Organizer he brought home last Spring was just another electronic toy that would soon bore him. But as our garden burned with Summer blooms, it…

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