Creativity is the cornerstone of my coping strategies: my go-to headspace when life overwhelms me and I need to re-focus. This positive attitude, and my need for crafting have changed many times over the decades. Today it forms a substantial part of my life: keeping my hands and head busy at times of stress.

My Blog began its life as a desire to share my experiences of health matters but creativity is such a vital part of my day-to-day coping that I make no apologies for its prominence on this site. My art and craft passions are many so I hope that you will find something to interest and inspire you on my Creativity Counts posts. Here’s a few examples to whet your appetite:

  • designing and creating hand-made jewellery
  • fabric bag design and making
  • Powertex 3D work
  • yarn work, knitting & crocheting creations
  • hand-made cards
  • stone tumbling and wire-work
  • using found objects, especially non-recyclable, to create fun objects

If you’d like to know more about anything listed here please contact me.

Together with my stories and poetry, my artwork and photography my craftwork allows me to explore feelings and emotions in a positive way until I’m able to get back to the seemingly simple task of living.

I hope you will find ideas and inspiration on these pages. If you find arts and crafts helpful, especially at times of stress, please share your thoughts and experiences. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading my blog and joining my journey.

Marilyn X

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