Within this section I’ll be thinking out loud about issues in the News, matters that affect me personally, and just stuff that interests.

I was brought up to question. It was definitely encouraged, as was looking and listening and finding things out for myself. There was only one thing that I should never question: my Dad.

This way of being was not a problem for me. When I am given information from any source I want to know where it came from, on what authority or knowledge base, and whether there may be any bias. I analyse everything.
Way too many individuals spout half-truths due to a poor grasp of the issues or because they have an axe to grind.
Some may quote an authority but take the quotation out of context.
Others subtly conflate two statements making a falsehood become a fact. Conflate has its root in a Latin word for ‘to blow together’ and can mean nothing more than joining two statements into one coherent fact. Used to persuade or put across a particular viewpoint it takes on new layers of meaning. Politicians and advertisers may use it to gain support but it can also be seen in TV docu-dramas when historical events are illustrated with dramatic reenactments that put a different slant on our perception of factual situations.

Believe nothing that you hear,
and only half of what you see.

I hope you’ll join me, and throw in your thoughts about issues great and small.
Marilyn X

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