Ecology Echoes

‘Ecology Echoes’ is my shorthand for embracing an Ecological Environment.

Echoes? At the moment I’m merely echoing what’s being achieved by those who are further along the road.

What I know so far about the concept:

  • ‘eco’ has its root in the Greek word for home or place to live, and so ‘ecology’ refers to all organisms and their environments
  • ‘eco-friendly’ is being friendly / non-harmful to the place we live, the earth
  • ‘eco-lifestyle’ is about living in an environmentally friendly way, being energy efficient, conserving water, and adopting as your mantra
    – Reduce /Reuse /Recyle /Rot
  • ‘ecological consciousness’ is embracing and respecting the natural world

I plan to share my journey towards a greater eco- awareness and lifestyle.
Any tips and wrinkles, encouragement and guidance will be much appreciated.

Live at peace on the earth and with the earth.

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